June 23, 2024
Mummy zee

Biography Of mummy zee

Deborah Olaki, popularly known as Mummy Zee, is a geophysics graduate from the University of Ilorin and has recently become a social media sensation. She currently resides in Lagos and has experienced an unexpected rise in her fame and fortune on social media. Her journey began with a viral tweet detailing her daily routine of waking up early to cook for her husband.

Mummy zee

Her response to a request for a bedside refrigerator sparked a wave of responses, criticism and generosity that greatly improved her situation.

In a remarkable turn of events, he received 2 million naira and other gifts in just 48 hours. The total donation later exceeded N5 million, also extending to her husband’s account. Notable contributions include Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited, Infinix Nigeria and Dr. Chinonso came from Egbema.

They have offered free premium motor spirit voucher, smartphone and one year health insurance respectively. Additionally, iPhones, a smart TV and furniture were flooded with gifts from social media users showing their support.

The Early Life and Education of Deborah Olaki

Deborah was born in Nigeria although her state of origin is currently unknown. She completed her early education here in Nigeria and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Geophysics from the University of Ilorin.

Deborah Olaki’s career

She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Geophysics from the University of Ilorin, but there is currently no information about her career.

Deborah Olaki’s personal life

Deborah Olaki is currently married and resides in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Deborah Olaki’s social media


Frequently Asked Questions

What is mummy zee real name?

Mummy zee real name is Deborah Olaki.

How old is Deborah Olaky?

There is no information about  her age or her date of birth.

Where is Deborah Olaki from?

She was born in Nigeria, but her country of origin is unknown.

What did Deborah Olaki study?

She studied Geophysics at the University of Ilorin.

What is Deborah Olacky’s net worth?

Due to recent events, her estimated net worth is over N5,000,000.

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