June 21, 2024
Murumba Pitch Biography

Biography of Murumba Pitch

Many people know little about Murumba Pitch of South African folk Amapiano, see below for real names, ages and biography.

Real name/ Career  of Murumba Pitch

South African Piano Professionals are simply two talented young artists who have come together to create some good piano songs.

Emmanuel  Mathy

The first member of the group is Emmanuel Mathie. He is a South African living in Midrand, Gauteng. He loved music since childhood and played the drums in his church.

Murumba Pitch

He said his turn to greatness came when he was a teenager, though he also added that he loved music even before he was a teenager.

Hatushelo Inocente Mangolo (Mayvon)

The second member of the team, younger and also talented. He is also a South African specializing in Amapiano songs. He grew up in Nkomazi, which is located in Mpumalanga, in areas close to the Lebombo border.

The second member of the group was said to have grown up in Shayandima in Limpopo and then moved to Gauteng Pretoria for his education after which he completed secondary school. He also stated that he played the drums in his church since childhood.

He once shared that he was raised by his mother, who helped him become a better version of himself.

Murumba Pitch Biography

Nkomazi, located in Mpumalanga, in areas close to the Lebombo border.

However, we don’t know if the pair attended the same church growing up, nor do we know how they actually met.


How old is Murumba Pitch (age)?

Emmanuel, whom we included in the main team, is 28 years old.

Meanwhile, Innocenti, who we listed second, is 22 years old.

Emmanuel is 6 years older than his friend and these statistics were taken in February 2023.

So, they were born in 1995 and 2001 respectively.

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Additionally, Amapiano stars Murumba Pitch have already signed a music recording contract with Sony Music Entertainment. Emmanuel Mathieu and Innocent “Mavon” Mongolo are from Limpopo and Mpumalanga respectively.

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