June 24, 2024

About Grand p

Moussa Sandiana Kaba, grand p is a Guinean artist and composer suffering from progeria, a genetic disease which gave him a different physique.
Long mocked and marginalized because of his small appearance, he was able to find a place in the sun despite this handicap.
It was during a show that the artist had the right to the microphone and seduced the audience, much to everyone’s surprise. Thanks to a helping hand from his friend and colleague Sidiki Diabaté Grand P imposes his style on the public with his hands clasped as a sign of gratitude to God for him. Since then, all the stars want to appear with him and invite him to concerts. The media, politician is fighting hard in his country and even beyond the borders, for example during the Egypt CAN 2019 he was sent to Cairo to lead and support the Guinean delegation. He is currently known beyond the borders of his country and is today in the process of realizing one of his dearest dreams, becoming a known artist who shares the stage with big stars. Returning to the country is in full preparations of his first album entitled “i khas Dinan” to the Guinean star organized a giant concert on October 4 at the People’s Palace in Conakry, an event during which several international artists performed, nothing is impossible in life whatever whether your state of health your social rank you can make the impossible possible by working hard.

Grand p

Grandpa was revealed to the general public on the eve of the Egyptian Can 2019, however he always loved singing and was often with the late Kerfalla Kanté. his coming to Alexandria to support the faltering Syli National trait was the spotlight needed for this singer to become a star in the West African sub-region. In a short time, he is now making the headlines in the specialized coastal newspapers from ivory to mali to senegal to burkina, grand P is invited to bamako where he performs with the biggest names in the country’s music oumou sangaré, sidiki diabate.
in Abidjan he meets the late Arafat DJ, Bravador, Eudoxie Yao, Aïcha Koné he must go to Paris for the night of Mali, an evening of artistic performances to promote the country of Salif Keita.

Grand p biography

Grand p has become a real phenomenon in less than six months the dedication concert of his first album icad inanna translate from soussou am I your son? is even scheduled at the only People’s Palace in Conakry, which means that the singer is occupying the space and leaving no time for his many fans to look elsewhere. It was also revealed by a video of the same title in which he gave the response to a lady who asked him to go to school. his Facebook account is regularly updated with photos and information from the singer whose managerial team works tirelessly. all this is a good operation for the image of guinea and its music.

But why big p is so well known, this double question deserves answers and explanations first to try to explain the success of our star, you should know that he is a singer who is not physically like the others, very small size and with an almost inaudible voice that borders on whistling, big p wiggles to his own music out of time when he sings live, it’s hard to follow him, but the most important thing about him and his passion for music, because those who knew him before his sun began to shine know that he always displayed the desire to sing, this desire to overcome his physical handicap to express himself affects more than all the other aspects in some way less his talent of singer less the content of his fields he has many more fans for having taken the step of expressing himself like those who are physically endowed without complex. it doesn’t matter if you are black M that he met or other leading artists grandpa just want to sing and move for the curiosity and joy of what is watching him and this advantage is well exploited by his manager who has had to flair. alpha sylla the boss of tidjane world musique wrote it on his Facebook account is a courageous manager who knew how to sell grand p at the right time in fact all those who had composed songs to encourage the national syli ended up lining up behind Grand P who stole the spotlight from them. In the history of music known to many music lovers, we do not remember a singer of the size and physique of Grand P, handicaps which became assets for his career His foam for Grand P the reasons are not only artistic only his physique and the audacity of his manager alpha sylla go well together.

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