June 24, 2024
Triclowns Biography

One of the fast growing tiktokers in Nigeria is a trio of men called Triclowns, whose unique style of contents have captured the hearts of their growing audience. If you are looking to know more about the Triclowns biography, you are at the right place.

Triclowns Real Names

Despite the fame the three men have attained, their real names have not been revealed to the public, but, I have their names here.

I conducted intense research and could find only the authentic name of one of them, the others were nicknames. The names I got are; Gozie Nweke, Crystal and Kasper.

Gozie Nweke

Triclowns - Gozie Nweke
Triclowns – Gozie Nweke

Popularly called Mr Desmond in his videos, Gozie Nweke is one of the Triclowns whose exciting contents are massively gaining audience. As one of the Triclowns, he hails from Anambra State in South-eastern Nigeria.

Gozie is a very talented entertainer. He is a musician, songwriter, guitarist and a comedian.

Ps: If this is the first place you are seeing his real name signify in the comments, hahaha!!

I did a lot of research but couldn’t find the real name of both Crystal and Kasper. I would continue my research and would update this post when I get it. Kindly subscribe to our email list at the bottom of the page to get updated.



Commonly known as Pastor John, Crystal is no doubt the head of the team. From his voluble involvement to his creativity and lead in all of their contents, Crystal is definitely the lead actor in the team.

He is an MC, standup comedian as well as skit making which has brought him to the limelight.



Kasper is commonly known as Pastor Phillip. Fans of Triclowns would notice that he does not feature in many of the Triclowns contents. This is because he, most times work behind the scenes.

Kasper is an MC, comedian, filmaker and editor.

Early Stages Of The Triclowns

triclowns biography

The three men have been in the business of skit making since 2018. They started on a small scale and didn’t find it easy either.


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Gozie used to record videos of himself playing the guitar while singing with his sister Chisom Laurel who is blessed with an angelic voice. But it seems their turn around arrived in September 2020, when Gozie’s sister, Chisom signed a recording deal worth $50,000 with Virtuosity Music Group. We don’t know how the deal affected Gozie and his Triclowns project, but their rise to fame came after this event.


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Even when they had little audience at their early stages, these guys were consistently working on new contents and further improving it. At the time of writing, they have amassed over 250k fans on TikTok, 126k followers on Facebook and 162k on Instagram.

Nature Of Content

It is commonly said that if one does not find Triclowns hilarious, it is evident that such person has a low IQ. Triclowns has such hilarious contents that are intellectual based on pun and play of words. The Beleafers, as they sometimes call themselves, have captured the hearts of their audience with their originality and style of content.

With their identical oversized coats which is so hilarious to see, with so much effort used in putting together their punchlines, the Triclowns are definitely begining to reap the fruits of their labour.

How Are The Triclowns Related?

The co-operation between these three men and how long they have been working towards their project is unmatched. One would easily say they are brothers, of which I can’t say is true nor false.

However, taking a look at Crystal and Gozie, they have a striking face resemblance. But that isn’t enough evidence. What strikes me the most is a photo from Chisom Laurel’s signing with VMG. In the photo, you would find Gozie, who is Chisom’s brother and Crystal. If Kasper is not in that photo, it means Crystal and Gozie must be strongly related.

Gozie, Crystal and Chisom
Gozie(2nd from left), Crystal(3rd from right) and Chisom(center)


The Triclowns won the award of excellence as the best comedy performed at a comedy show at Alex Ekueme Federal University, Abakiliki in 2019. They also won the Icons Noble Awards (ICONA) the Skit maker/Brand of the year award.

Triclowns Net Worth

The Triclowns still keep a lot of their information private, thus, it is almost impossible to estimate their net worth at the moment.

Triclowns Girlfriends

There’s no valid information regarding the relationship status of the Triclowns, but they are very much single.

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