June 24, 2024
Ola of Lagos

Today we’d be looking at one of Nigeria’s most popular content creators, Ola of Lagos Net Worth, age, real name and full biography.

The popular Nigerian content creator is known for his unique style of content which involves advertising the prices of ‘very expensive’ items. Without much ado, let’s dive in and learn more about him.

Ola of Lagos full biography

Ola of Lagos real name

Ola of Lagos real name is Waris Olayinka Akinwade.

Ola of Lagos age, and early life

Waris Olayinka Akinwade AKA Ola of Lagos was born on June 18, 1997 to Mr and Mrs Akinwade in Ogun State, Nigeria. He hails from Ogun state, Nigeria.

He completed his basic education in Ogun state. However, his parents were not well-to-do so he couldn’t further his studies after he completed basic education.

Ola of Lagos took to menial jobs at an early age. He really had a poor and slow start until he started doing his videos on a small scale while he was a cleaner at Lekki, Lagos. The young man admires cars a lot and he took his interest of it to social media.Ola of Lagos Career

Ola of Lagos gained social media popularity particularly on Instagram after his hilarious hypings of luxurious cars went viral.Ola of Lagos If you live in Lagos, you would know that the residents of the Lekki area are dominated by the rich and influential. Since Ola worked as a cleaner there, seeing these luxurious cars was not a problem to him. The young man would share videos of luxurious cars that caught his eye in the streets of Lekki.

Sooner later, he caught the eye of popular Instagram blogger, Tunde Ednut who was massively influential in his rise to fame. The Instagram influencer found his contents enticing and was constantly sharing his contents; an act which helped boost Ola’s fame. It was when Ola won Tunde Ednut’s Instagram giveaway of two million naira, that his fame started.

In his videos, Ola of Lagos would be seen marketing very expensive items and trying to convince his viewers why such item is worth the price. It is believed that most times he deliberately inflates the prices of the cars for the fun of it and indeed it all turned out hilarious.Ola of Lagos Net Worth

“I will not be poor”, “Opor”, “It’s plenty”, these are some of the popular sayings of Ola of Lagos that has gone viral. Indeed, the young man is now a big brand.

The 26-year- old now has 2.6 million followers on Instagram garnering thousands to millions of engagements on each of his posts. His fame has drawn many endorsement deals to him especially his line of field – cars.

Not just companies and organizations, Ola of Lagos has met with multiple celebrities including Davido and would no doubt have had some business deals with some of them.

Ola of Lagos Net Worth

Ola of Lagos Net Worth is currently more than $700,000. He gets series of sponsorship deals from car companies worth millions of naira and would no doubt rise to be one of the youngest billionaires in Nigeria in the coming years.

Ola of Lagos social media handles

Ola of Lagos is definitely on most popular social media handles. However, we would be taking a look at the top four:

Facebook: Ola of Lagos

Instagram: The Luxury Guy

Tiktok: Ola of LagosĀ 

Youtube: Ola of Lagos


Ola of Lagos life is a testimony to the popular saying: “from grass to grace”. The young man whose hopes of being a great man were at point zero at different times in his life. But his zeal, faith, hard work and particularly grace helped him achieve his goals in life.

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