June 24, 2024
Mr Ibu

John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu is a Nigerian actor and film producer. He was born on October 17, 1961 (62 years).

Early Life

Mr Ibu hails from Nkanu West Local Government Area of Enugu State. After he completed his primary school education, in 1974, Okafor relocated to Sapele to live with his brother after his father passed away. While in Sapele, he took on various low-paying jobs to fund his education and assist his family. Eventually, he worked as a hairstylist, dabbled in photography, and also gained employment at a crate manufacturing company.

Mr Ibu Siblings

Mr Ibu is not the only child of his parents; he also has a younger sister named Queen Chioma Egboh Grace, who has ventured into acting in Nollywood, following in the footsteps of her elder brother. Additionally, she is a blogger and a media personality.


After John completed his secondary school education, he gained admission to the College of Education in Yola. Sadly, he had to withdraw due to financial constraints. As soon as he wss financially stable again, he enrolled at the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) in Enugu.


Mr Ibu is known mainly for his comedic features in his acting. Fans gave him the name “Mr Ibu” after he played the role in one of his notable movies in 2004.

John Okafor has appeared in over 200 Nollywood films, which include, “Mr. Ibu” (2004), “Mr. Ibu 2” (2005), “Mr. Ibu and His Son,” “Coffin Producers,” “Husband Suppliers,” “International Players,” “Mr. Ibu in London” (2005), “Police Recruit” (2003), “9 Wives” (2005), “Ibu in Prison” (2006), and “Keziah” (2007).

In addition to his acting career, Mr. Ibu also ventured into music for a brief period. On October 15, 2020, he released two songs titled “This Girl” and “Do You Know.”

Mr Ibu’s Wife

First Wife

Mr Ibu has been married twice in his lifetime. He married his first wife in 1998. Although, she is not known to the public, she left him at one point in the marriage. John Okafor narrated that the marriage was a nightmare and ugly experience. Mr Ibu divorced his first wife and decided to stay away from marriage for some period of time.

Second Wife

Mr Ibu and his wife

Before his demise, Mr. Ibu was married to Stella Maris Chinyere Okafor, affectionately known as ‘Chibest’ or ‘First Class’. He tied the knot with his second wife in a traditional ceremony on May 25, 2010, followed by a formal wedding five years later in 2015. The comedic actor regards his new wife as a blessing from God, especially following the challenges he faced in his previous marriage.

Mr Ibu’s Children

According to various reports, Mr. Ibu has a total of 14 children, comprising both biological and adopted offspring. The actor has disclosed that he fathered some of his children prior to his marriage to Stella.

Together with his current wife, they have four children, one of whom has passed away, leaving Stella with three children: a daughter named Chelsea Okafor, and two sons named Emmanuel Mandela Okafor and JayJay Okafor.

Mr Ibu also has children from previous relationships, although at the time of writing, not all their names are publicly known.


Mr Ibu in hospital
Mr Ibu in hospital

Mr Ibu died on March 2, 2024 months after it was revealed that his leg was amputated.

The veteran Nollywood actor had been grappling with health challenges since October 2023, undergoing numerous surgeries that eventually led to the amputation of his leg. However, updates from his family in November indicated a positive trajectory in his recovery.

In 2019, Mr. Ibu claimed that some of his relatives paid his domestic workers to poison him due to his successful career. Then, in May 2022, the comedic actor once again asserted that he was poisoned, marking the third instance. During an interview with Vanguard Newspaper, Okafor revealed that he had experienced moments where he felt he was “seeing people on the other side,” but thanked God for bringing him back to life.

In November 2023, Okafor underwent a leg amputation following a severe illness that necessitated seven surgeries. His family stated that the amputation was performed to preserve his life and enhance his prospects of recovery. Unfortunately, he passed away months after.

Mr Ibu’ Net Worth

Mr Ibu’s net worth is estimated to be about $4 million.

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