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Biography of Iñaki Godoy

Iñaki Godoy Jasso (August 25, 2003) is a film and television actor, born in Mexico City, Mexico. He is recognized for his spectacular interpretation of Monkey D. Luffy in the live action “One Piece”.

Early years

Iñaki Godoy is a Mexican actor, son of Germán Godoy and Pamela Jasso. He has a younger sister named Mia, whom he considers his best friend.

From an early age, his mother, Pamela, sought to stimulate his development by enrolling him in various sports disciplines, including soccer, basketball, tennis and golf. Although Iñaki did not show outstanding skill in the sporting field, Pamela soon recognized an innate talent in her son in a completely different field. This is how, at the young age of four, Iñaki was enrolled in the renowned musical theater school for children called “Stage Company”, at the Teatro Libanés.

the beginning

At this prestigious school, Godoy displayed his talents in a series of theater productions, but it was his outstanding performance in “Alice in Wonderland” that truly catapulted him to the public’s attention. In this play, taking on the challenging role of the Cheshire Cat , his performance captivated the viewer and garnered praise, sparking in him a passionate interest in acting. It was in this particular production that he first experienced the thrill of improvising on stage, a moment that marked a significant milestone in his artistic career.

At the age of 9, Iñaki expressed to his mother the desire to dedicate himself to acting. With sincere support, his mother encouraged him and advised him to consult with his theater teachers about the next steps. After a while, he managed to secure an audition that would give him a small role on the television show “Cocina De Hacienda.” This experience filled Iñaki with emotion and consolidated his determination to continue his path as an actor.

Iñaki Godoy
After this, Godoy continued his pursuit of auditions while continuing to hone his skills at the
Stage Company . Additionally, during the summers, he embarked on an enriching experience by attending a Pali Adventures camp , located in southern California, United States. This camp offered a comprehensive program focused on acting and film, where Iñaki not only acquired the skill of writing and acting for an audience diverse in age and origin, but also took advantage of the opportunity to venture into directing productions. Thus, in a balance between his commitment to acting and his academic responsibilities, Iñaki left his mark in the creation of several notable short films, among which “Casiarte” and “Blinded” stand out.


In 2016, when Iñaki Godoy was only eleven years old, he reached a significant milestone in his career by obtaining his first major role in the American Spanish-language Telemundo series titled “La Querida Del Centauro.” In this production, he assumed the role of Amadeo “El Gato”, a recurring character that he played with mastery and that he continued to play until the second season, which premiered a year later.

The actor continued his career with smaller roles and supporting characters in various series, including “Blue Demon”, “Por La Máscara: La Serie Web”, “Sin Miedo A La Verdad” and “Los Elegidos”. However, his real moment came at the age of fourteen, when he achieved his first leading role in the world of cinema with his debut in the film “ Go Youth!” , which was released in 2020. This achievement did not go unnoticed, since that same year, the film “Go Youth!” received a nomination for Best Film at the eighteenth edition of the prestigious Morelia International Film Festival

Iñaki Godoy embarked on the recordings of two outstanding films: “MexZombies”,which had its debut at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival , and “No Abras La Puerta”. In both productions, he played the lead role and both were released in 2022. Simultaneously with these exciting film releases, Iñaki expanded his presence on television by being part of the first two seasons of “Who Mató A Sara ? ” where he played Bruno Lazcanoand was Manolo Cardona’s partner; He also debuted in his first English-speaking production, “The Imperfects,” both produced by Netflix .

August 31, 2023 marked the exciting premiere of the live-action based on the popular manga and anime “One Piece.” In this outstanding production, Iñaki Godoy assumed the starring role of Monkey D. Luffy, the main character. To bring this role to life, the talented Mexican actor lived a unique experience by spending 80 days sailing through the waters of the Caribbean Sea. He shared the set with Emily Rudd , Arata eMackenyu, Taz Skylar , Peter Gadiot , Morgan Davies, Jeff Ward, Jacob Gibson , among others.

Iñaki Godoy

Personal life

The personal life and emotional status of Iñaki Godoy arouse the curiosity of numerous Internet users. However, the actor is known for his discretion and prefers to keep his intimate life private. Therefore, it is unknown if he is currently in a relationship. What has been confirmed is his commitment to his professional development, as he is immersed in a filmmaking and screenwriting program on the online platform of the prestigious New York University .
Iñaki has cultivated a solid fan base throughout his career . On his Instagram profile , he has surpassed the impressive figure of one million followers. In this personal account, he shares content that covers aspects of his life, showing his appreciation for each stage of his career and his journey through the world of entertainment.

What does the name Iñaki mean?

Many of his followers have been curious to know the origin of his name. Iñaki has its roots in Latin and comes from the Basque language. It is a Basque variant of the name Ignatius and its meaning is profound: “bearer of fire”, “born of fire” or “burning”.

Curiosities of Iñaki Godoy

  • He likes board games. His current favorite is Catan.
  • He is receiving singing and piano lessons.
  • He is interested in martial arts after playing Monkey D. Luffy . He is learning kickboxing.
  • Her younger sister by a year is her best friend.
  • He has taken acting courses in Drama and Theater Summer Specialty and Hollywood Stunt.


Acting works performed by Iñaki Godoy:

TV Shows/Series

  • “La Querida Del Centauro” (2016-2017).
  • “Blue Demon” (2016).
  • “For The Mask: The Web Series”(2018).
  • “Without Fear of the Truth” (2019).
  • “The Chosen Ones” (2019).
  • “Who Killed Sara?” (2021).
  • “The Imperfects” (2022).
  • “One Piece” (2023).


  • “Go Youth!” (2020).
  • “Mexzombies” (2022).
  • “Don’t Open The Door” (2022).

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