June 23, 2024
HTH Travel Insurance Review

Planning a trip? The last thing you want is to get stuck with a hefty bill if something goes wrong. The best travel insurance companies provide coverage for emergency medical costs, trip cancellation, evacuations and other potentially costly issues.


HTH Travel Insurance (also called HTH Worldwide Travel Insurance) is a reliable travel insurance provider offering three main plans and a range of benefits. This might be the right travel insurer for you if you’re heading out on a long-term journey or want the highest coverage limits.


HTH Travel Insurance stands out for its long-term plans. The Xplorer and Navigator plans are designed for expats, international students, missionaries and other travelers who plan on spending three or more months abroad. This HTH Travel Insurance review will guide you through the policies, pros and cons of HTH insurance to help you decide if it’s right for your trip.

HTH Travel Insurance Pros and Cons

So, what is insurance? Do you need to buy it before you travel?


Some countries, but not all, require that you have travel insurance before you arrive. That said, it’s the only way to protect yourself from unexpected costs on your trip. The best travel insurance plans cover medical costs and other emergencies. Like having the best travel credit cards, traveling with insurance will help you to save money and provide peace of mind in case anything goes wrong.

HTH Travel Insurance is a good option for long trips, but it might not be the best insurer for everyone. Here’s a quick look at what you should expect from your plan.

Pros explained

Impressive coverage limits for medical expenses

Even the most affordable HTH Travel Insurance plan offers extensive coverage for medical emergencies. With TripProtector Economy, you get up to $75,000 in emergency medical coverage. TripProtector Classic offers up to $250,000, and TripProtector Preferred has up to $500,000.


That coverage is nearly triple the amount offered by other travel insurance providers. It provides security that you won’t have to pay out of pocket for an unexpected sickness or injury.


Physician community that expands over 180 countries

HTH Worldwide Insurance has a physician network that extends to almost every popular tourist destination. You can find a network physician in over 180 countries.


Access to health services worldwide via the mPassport app

HTH Worldwide has an intuitive app that policyholders can use to find a network doctor, file a claim or learn more about their plan. The app is specially designed for long-term travelers who need to access health services in the country they’re staying in.


One unique feature of the mPassport app is its drug comparison and translation tool. You can look up any medication on the app and see an English translation, plus comparable drugs offered in the U.S. The app also has tools to search for nearby doctors and hospitals and store your electronic ID card.


Offers insurance coverage for expatriates

HTH Worldwide is one of the few travel insurance providers that offer specialized insurance for expatriates. The Xplorer and Navigator plans are long-term health coverage options for business travelers, students, military members and anyone who travels for months at a time.

Cons explained

Some plans require travelers to have an existing primary health plan

HTH Worldwide Travel Insurance offers affordable single-trip plans. To get the best rates for those policies, you must have your own health insurance plan at home. HTH offers a single-trip plan for travelers without primary health insurance, but it has limitations for preexisting conditions.


12-hour delay required for baggage delay coverage

Baggage delay coverage is a common benefit of most travel insurance plans. It covers the costs of a baggage delay, like forwarding your bags or replacing the items you need.


All three HTH Travel Insurance plans include baggage delay coverage. But your baggage has to be delayed for a minimum amount of time before you can access that coverage — with TravelProtector Economy, only a 24-hour delay is covered. The other two plans cover delays of at least 12 hours. That’s a longer wait period than what other insurance plans offer.


HTH Travel Insurance Plans

HTH Worldwide Travel Insurance offers three base plans: Economy, Classic and Preferred. In addition, it provides a range of policies tailored to individual travelers’ needs.


Finding the right plan for your trip is crucial. A great travel insurance policy will help you save money and avoid stress while traveling, but the wrong plan could be an unnecessary cost. Look into HTH Worldwide’s insurance options to decide which is best for your trip.


Single Trip

Although HTH Worldwide is most popular with long-term travelers, it also offers two quick-trip plans. However, these plans don’t come with the baggage delay coverage, trip interruption and other benefits of the TripProtector plans. These are strictly travel medical insurance.


The single-trip option for travelers with primary health insurance is an affordable policy that provides medical coverage for the length of your trip. You’ll choose your maximum coverage amount (between $50,000 and $1 million) and your deductible (between $0 and $500).

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