June 24, 2024
Edoboy Billions Biography

Oseyi Okojie, popularly known as Edo boy Billion, is one of the most talented and popular Nigerian comedians, with videos that are both educational and entertaining.


Edo Boy Billion was born in Edo State, Nigeria and is from Edo State. He completed his primary and secondary education in Edo State. He is proud of his condition, so he calls him Edo Boy Billion.

Edo Boy Billion always creates short and funny videos to make his fans laugh. Edo Boy Billions has also collaborated with De General, Nasty Blaq, Sydney Talker, MC Edo Pikin, Brain Jotter and most recently OGB, also known as Cultist Boy.

Edoboy early life

Edoboy was born on September 15, 1997 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Okojie in Edo State, grew up, and received elementary and middle school education in Edo State when he became an adult, but there have been no reports. If he had moved to a higher education institution.

Edo Boy Plaines started his comedy career at a young age and developed a passion for it. Edo Boy is a famous figure in the Nigerian comedy industry and has made this his profession, so he continued to do his comedy skits until he became a successful comedian in Edo State, Nigeria.

If we talk about the best comedian in Edo State, Nigeria. Edo boys are now considered one slave based on a new content series called “The GOAT” (The Greatest of All Time). Edo Boy Billions are also known to have outstanding talent in the acting field.

Edoboy billion

Edo Boy is a famous Nigerian comedian whose work is published online under the name thaedoboy. He has been doing this for almost several years and has a full catalog of videos that are very popular on various websites. It consists of representative clips and very well-made images.

His comedy style has been widely used in films such as Alibaba, Mobire, Akisi Giwa, Ayo Makun, Basket Mouth and Mr. Acquired from some of Nigeria’s best comedians such as Elbo. He is currently the brand ambassador for the Nigerian brand. He is an influencer and an upcoming comedian.


Since there isn’t much information about him yet, you might be surprised to learn that his biography is long.

EdoBoy Age

EdoBoy  was born on September 15, 1997 in Edo State, Nigeria to his parents Mr. and Mrs. Okogie. Currently, at the time of publishing this article, comedian Edo Boy is 26 years old.

Edoboy real name

A famous comedian who walks the streets of Lagos with his hilarious comedy skits called ‘Edo Boy’. His real name is Oseyi Okojie.

Edoboy’s country of origin

Oseyi Okogie was born and raised in Edo State, but his local government is still unknown.

Edoboy girlfriend

Currently, there is no news or reports about Edo Boy dating or planning to be in a relationship with anyone. This means he is single, but in 2021, many people took his skit the wrong way as he said on his Instagram account:

“I finally tied the knot.”

EdoBoy Net Worth

Oseyi Okogie, popularly known as Edo Boy, has, at the time of publishing this article, an estimated net worth of $200,000 (US$200,000), earned through his work as a content creator in a Press Agency.

Many fans may want to know his current net worth and why we need to dig deep and present Edo Boy’s latest net worth in billions. I hope you find this article interesting.

Edo boy Social Media

Instagram Handle: @thaedoboy


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