June 24, 2024
the story of Shani Louk and the victims of an eternal conflict

“The danger of an even more devastating conflict and bloodbath has never been greater.” Thus wrote Ilan Pappe, historian and researcher son of Jewish parents who escaped Nazi persecution and forced to leave Israel for having supported the boycott of the country itself, in 2006, in conclusion of his book The ethnic cleansing of Palestine . Words that today, after the unprecedented violent counteroffensive of the Palestinian resistance of Hamas with the launch of around five thousand rockets inside Israeli territory and a massive land incursion, echo with growing strength and concern.

More than 3000 young people danced wildly and unaware at dawn on Saturday 7 October at the rave party to celebrate Nature in the Jewish holiday of Sukkot in the Negev desert , in southern Israel. This is demonstrated by the numerous videos relaunched on social networks showing young people dancing while black stripes stand out in the sky, a harbinger of the rockets that would soon rain down in the area, causing more than 260 victims .

Israel-Hamas: who are the victims of the attack

The sky is just starting to lighten and all hell breaks loose. First the air raid sirens, then the rocket explosions. Dozens of armed men arrive on the esplanade of the party, aboard motorbikes and armored vans. The mass flight to the cars breaks out. It’s the massacre of the Nova Music Festival, the Tribe of Nova , an electronic music event of the trance genre. Mega party with three stages and dozens of DJs on the bill, a camping space, one for catering in the middle of the Negev desert, a stone’s throw from the border with the Striptargeted by Hamas.

The stories that reach us and that come from survivors are many and full of horror. There is that of Esther , who managed to escape and reach her car unharmed, only to be rear-ended and forced to jump aboard another, driven by a boy, killed shortly after by a bullet. She is still alive because she pretended to be dead next to the corpse of her savior. There is that of Ortel , who crawled in terror to hide in an orange grove as bullets whistled over his head.

What was defined by many as a mass execution and which involved Israeli boys and girls, but also Europeans and Americans, between the ages of 20 and 40 . A 22 year old girl was at the rave with her boyfriend. She traveled the world as a tattoo artist between Mexico and the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Croatia, as reported by Il Messaggero , and last July she was in Italy on Lake Iseo, in her Telegram profile she posted a photo of Sale Marasino writing “Bella Italy” with smileys with heart-shaped eyes. “In nature it is easier for me to connect the universe to my spirit and my god can still be read in the profile, the sea and the trees have their own unique way of singing and so we pray together , God will grant all your wishes”.

Nicole Shani’s story

Il Messaggero also reports the terrible story of Nicole Shani Louk . The videos of her body disfigured and thrown into the back of an open van reached her mother, Ricarda Lauk, in Israel, where she lives because she is married to an Israeli (but she and her daughter have citizenship German). “Nicole attended the festival with friends from Mexico, she has friends from all over the world, she loves to travel. We were used to a life under constant threat in Israel, but I don’t want to think that something serious happened to her,” she wrote on her social media to find her. She and Nicole’s three brothers never heard anything again, but her recognition was inevitable, because on her leg you can see the tattoo that Nicole shows under her knee in her Instagram photos.

Shani Louk story

Shani Louk

the 22-year-old German-Israeli woman, whose death was initially confirmed, ” is believed to be alive but seriously injured ” in a hospital in Gaza. This is how you reported  Tagesschau , the main news program of Das Erste, ARD’s first television channel. The Berlin government had sent a heartfelt appeal and the young woman’s mother had asked to do everything possible and “quickly” to free the young woman.

The tragic news arrives on October 30th:  Shani Louk has died . The girl’s family announced it, as reported by the Bildnewspaper . “Unfortunately we received the news that my daughter is no longer alive,” her mother Ricarda told RTL . “The DNA test identified that remains found in the ground, the doctors explained to us that without her she couldn’t still be alive”.

Young and very young people, involved in a conflict that has been staining those lands with blood and violence for some 75 years . A violence which, judging by the sudden rearmament and the counter-offensive implemented by Israel against Gaza, seems to show an uncertain and tragic future. Never as in the conflict between Israel and Palestine has the wildfire of violence spread, touching everyone, in a complex and intricate geopolitical framework. “I have ordered a complete siege of Gaza: no more food, electricity and petrol. We are fighting human animals and we will behave accordingly .” These are the words of Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant in the aftermath of the Hamas attack.

Noa Argamani: the stories of the hostages

According to reports from the Jewish authorities, over 100 hostages have been captured by Hamas fighters after the attack launched on Saturday against Israel. Among them is Noa Argamani , whose images of the kidnapping quickly went around the world. The young girl was at the rave with her boyfriend and was taken away on a motorcycle.

A 26-year-old British citizen, Jake Marlowe,is also missing from the same party . There is also the story of Yoni Asher who reported the Hamas raid on Saturday evening while his wife, together with his two daughters Aviv and Raz, aged 3 and 5, were in her mother-in-law’s house in Kibbutz Nir Oz. Thanks to the geolocation service of the woman’s phone, Yoni managed to track the smartphone in Khan Younis, a city located south of Gaza. Thus having confirmation of the woman’s condition.

May the soul of departed ,Rest In Peace

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