June 23, 2024
Best Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance

Travel insurance reimburses you for travel-related expenses such as canceled flights, travel delays and lost luggage. It often also covers overseas medical care and evacuation expenses. Various stipulations govern what you can use travel insurance for and under what circumstances you can claim it.


However, basic travel insurance policies will only cover trip cancellation for specific reasons and circumstances — unless you have a “cancel for any reason” rider.


As its name suggests, cancel-for-any-reason travel insurance allows you to cancel a trip for any reason at all and receive partial reimbursement on all non-refundable travel expenses.


Cancel-for-any-reason insurance isn’t a stand-alone insurance policy. Rather, it’s a rider or optional feature that some insurance providers offer for certain policies.


To help you choose the best international travel insurance with a cancel-for-any-reason rider, we’ve put together the following list of the seven best insurance providers for this type of coverage.


And, for more information on the top travel insurance companies, see our complete guide to the best travel insurance companies in America.


Our Top Picks for the Best “Cancel for Any Reason” Travel Insurance

Seven Corners – Best for Comprehensive Coverage

HTH Travel Insurance – Best Maximum Insurance Amount

Travelex – Best Coverage for Emergencies

Trawick International – Best for Reimbursement

Roam Right – Best Cancelation Time Frame

John Hancock Insurance Agency – Best for Travel Delay Coverage.

In addition to its excellent coverage limits, Seven Corners offers a well-rounded policy that’s fairly comprehensive in the range of activities for which it will indemnify you. With this plan, you’ll get coverage for medical and non-medical evacuation, medical fees, trip expenses, baggage loss and travel delays.


Its weather and hurricane coverage covers up to $20,000 in evacuation fees which is higher than what many competitors provide. It also offers 24/7 phone support. Seven Corners gives you 20 days from your initial trip deposit to purchase the cancel-for-any-reason add-on. By contrast, many insurers only give you 14 days.


On consumer review websites, it holds generally favorable reviews. Many recent negative reviews mention an unreasonably long processing time for COVID-19-related claims. Meanwhile, positive reviews mentioned superior customer service and knowledgeable staff members.

However, please note that Seven Corners will not pay out if a travel supplier ceases operations. If your tour company goes bust, you’ll be on the hook for your prepaid tour plan.

Trawick offers reasonably priced cancel-for-any-reason coverage for up to 75% of your trip’s total non-refundable cost. The coverage is comprehensive and covers multiple expense types, including medical care and non-refundable car rental costs. Depending on your destination, you may even receive reimbursement for non-refundable pet medical costs.


You have up to 21 days from your first deposit to purchase the cancel-for-any-reason coverage. This is quite a bit better than the 14-day industry standard. However, coverage limits for some items are quite low. For example, Trawick will only cover up to $200 for luggage delay with a 24-hour waiting period under its Safe Travel Explorer plan. However, their more expensive plan options offer greater coverage limits.


Customer reviews on major review websites trend positive. Positive reviewers note helpful customer service agents and a seamless claims process. Negative reviews focused on the claims process, which some customers felt took too long.

Unlike some of the other plans on this list, John Hancock offers a cancel-for-any-reason rider for multiple plan levels. You can add it to the bronze, silver and gold plans making this a solid choice for budget and luxury travelers alike.

While John Hancock does charge premium prices, customer feedback from trusted review websites tends to be overwhelmingly positive. This insurance provider offers higher-than-average coverage limits. For example, John Hancock provides up to $2,500 per person for lost baggage. Many companies cap this amount at well under $1,000. It also lets you cancel your trip up to 48 hours from departure time.

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