June 24, 2024

Traveling can be an incredibly enriching experience, but it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. From flight delays to medical emergencies, unforeseen events can quickly turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. Luckily, you can get travel insurance for peace of mind and financial protection during your journey.

There are many options out there, and choosing the best travel insurance company for your needs requires some research. In this article, we’ll take you through the pros and cons of choosing AXA Travel Insurance. We’ll also look at AXA’s plans, pricing, accessibility and customer satisfaction.

Best travel assistance services while abroad

If you’re traveling internationally, having reliable assistance services can go a long way.

AXA Travel Insurance stands out in this department. It has a presence in 30 countries, and customer support services that include:


24/7 emergency assistance: AXA’s travel support team is available around the clock. Whether you’re facing a medical emergency or need help with lost documents, you can call for assistance.

Multilingual support: Language barriers can be a significant challenge when dealing with emergencies in foreign countries. AXA’s multilingual customer support team bridges this gap by offering help in 20 different languages.

Travel information services: AXA keeps travelers informed with up-to-date travel advisories and safety tips. AXA also offers referrals for lodging, transportation, restaurants and entertainment.

AXA Travel Insurance pros and cons


Concierge services included in all plans

High lost baggage coverage

Coverage for lost sports days and equipment


Negative customer reviews

Cancel for Any Reason coverage only available with Platinum plan

Pros explained

Concierge services included in all plans

One of AXA’s strengths is the broad range of concierge services it offers with every plan tier. This includes support for booking hotel accommodations, rescheduling flights, arranging ground transportation, obtaining event tickets and making restaurant reservations.


High lost baggage coverage

AXA’s Platinum plan offers a maximum benefit of $3,000 for lost baggage. If you’re traveling with valuable property, this might be a worthwhile option.


Coverage for lost sports days and equipment

If your travels include golfing or skiing, AXA Platinum covers up to $1,000 in rental costs should your checked sports equipment be delayed, lost or damaged by your carrier. The plan also covers lost golf rounds up to $500 and lost ski days at $25 per day for five days.


Cons explained

Negative customer reviews

AXA has quite a few poor ratings on online review sites like TrustPilot. Some customers complained about delayed or unfulfilled insurance claims; others say it took months for their claim money to get reimbursed.

Cancel for Any Reason coverage only available with Platinum plan

AXA’s Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) benefit, which lets you cancel your trip without losing a dime, is only available on its most expensive plan.


AXA Travel Insurance plans

When evaluating whether AXA is the right provider for you, take some time to research what various travel insurance policies cover. Here’s a quick look at AXA’s plans.


Silver plan

AXA’s Silver plan provides basic coverage for travel-related risks. With this plan, you’ll be covered for 100% of your trip’s cost if it needs to be canceled or cut short due to illness, natural disaster or another specific reason outlined by the company.


The Silver plan also includes emergency medical coverage for emergencies like broken bones, strokes or allergic reactions. This coverage also includes compensation for accidental death and dismemberment, providing an added layer of security and support during your travels.


Moreover, the Silver plan provides baggage and personal belongings coverage, offering compensation if your baggage is lost, stolen or damaged during your trip.

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