June 24, 2024
AIG Travel Guard Travel Insurance Review

AIG travel insurance stands out for its wide variety of add-on options. Travel Guard offers a security bundle, pet bundle, sports bundle and many other add-ons to customize your travel insurance.


AIG Travel Guard Travel Insurance Pros and Cons

AIG Travel Guard is one of many insurance providers that support international travelers while they’re abroad. It isn’t your only option, so let’s take a look at how the company’s policies compare to competitive offerings. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from a Travel Guard travel insurance policy.



Up to $1 million in evacuation coverage

Plenty of add-on options

Optional waiver for pre-existing conditions


CFAR upgrade doesn’t cover the entire trip

Premiums can get expensive

Pros explained

AIG Travel Guard insurance is highly rated across review platforms. This might be the right insurance company for you if you’re looking for a policy with high coverage for medical evacuations, a range of add-ons and waivers for pre-existing conditions.


$1 million medical evacuation coverage

One of the main reasons people buy travel insurance is to pay for an emergency medical evacuation. If you get sick or injured while abroad, you may need to be evacuated for your safety.

With Travel Guard Deluxe from AIG, you get up to $1 million in coverage for medical evacuations. Travel Guard Preferred offers $500,000 for evacuations, and Travel Guard Essential offers $150,000. That coverage goes toward flights and other costs to get you to a safe location where you can receive high-quality medical care.

Offers a variety of special add-on coverages

AIG Travel Guard Insurance offers a wide variety of add-on coverage options. These riders can be added to your plan to customize your trip. These include:


Medical bundle: This supplies extra coverage for medical costs and the option to choose your hospital.

Wedding bundle: This allows you to cancel your trip if a destination wedding is canceled.

Pet bundle: This provides a daily benefit for the costs of traveling with a dog or cat, plus coverage for veterinary bills.

Inconvenience bundle: This covers certain problems that don’t end your trip, such as credit card cancellations, closed attractions and trip delays.

Adventure sports bundle: This removes coverage exclusions for injuries caused by extreme sports such as scuba diving, skydiving and rock climbing.

Baggage bundle: This gives increased coverage for baggage loss and delays.

Pre-existing medical conditions waiver available for purchase

If you have a pre-existing condition that could lead to medical costs during your trip, Travel Guard offers waivers to extend coverage for those expenses. The waiver must be bought before your trip. It might be worthwhile for travelers with chronic conditions, immune system deficiencies, and other conditions that can make traveling especially dangerous.


Cons explained

AIG travel insurance isn’t right for everyone. Before you buy a Travel Guard plan, you should be aware that you can’t get a full reimbursement when you cancel for any reason and that your premium might be more expensive than other options.


Cancel for Any Reason upgrade only covers 50% of trip costs

Cancel for any reason (CFAR) policies are common with travel insurance companies. This add-on allows you to be reimbursed no matter why you cancel your trip.

A standard travel insurance plan only offers reimbursements for a prescribed list of eligible reasons for canceling. These include medical or weather-related emergencies and the death of a close family member or traveling companion. But with CFAR, you can cancel under any circumstances and still receive coverage — as long as you do so 48 hours before departure.


Unfortunately, AIG Travel Guard with CFAR only offers a 50% reimbursement of your prepaid travel expenses. Other companies offer a higher reimbursement percentage, so consider whether you want more comprehensive protection before signing up for this insurance.


Expensive premiums

AIG Travel Guard is not the cheapest travel insurance company out there. Your exact premium depends on several factors, including your destination, plan type, add-ons and age. But based on our sample quotes, AIG travel insurance plans are slightly more expensive, on average, than other insurers’ plans.


AIG Travel Guard Travel Insurance Plans

Like shopping for the best travel credit cards, choosing the best travel insurance plan takes time and research. The best plan will save you money and give you peace of mind, while the wrong plan could be an unnecessary expense. That’s why looking for insurance companies offering multiple policy options is best.


AIG Travel Guard offers three main plans plus two bonus plans for international travel insurance. Let’s break those options down in detail.


Travel Guard Essential is a very basic travel plan offered by AIG. This budget-friendly plan comes with standard coverage for trip cancellations, interruptions and delays. Medical coverage goes up to $15,000 plus $500 for dental costs and $200 for lost or damaged baggage.


The Essential plan is best for a tourist or short-term traveler who is willing to sacrifice comprehensive coverage for a lower insurance premium. The plan can be beefed up with any of AIG’s add-on bundles.



Travel Guard Preferred is a mid-priced option for someone who wants more coverage. This policy comes with medical coverage of up to $50,000 and evacuation coverage of up to $500,000. Damaged, lost or stolen baggage is covered up to $1,000.



Travel Guard Deluxe, the most expensive plan offered by AIG, comes with a wide range of benefits and includes security evacuation, missed-connection coverage, trip-saver coverage and more. This plan offers up to $1 million for a medical evacuation.


Travel Guard Deluxe is a good choice for someone traveling to rural or dangerous areas. It covers almost any emergency and even includes robust coverage for your beneficiaries in case of a fatal accident.

Pack N’ Go

AIG’s Pack N’ Go plan is designed for travelers who buy their insurance at the last minute. There is no cancellation coverage, but this plan offers up to $25,000 in medical coverage plus $500 for lost or damaged baggage. Buying travel insurance at the last minute is not recommended, but this is a helpful option if you plan a trip quickly.

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